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Tight Lacing

by Vanessa Ramos
Tight lacing is the name given to the practice of using the corset for long periods of time, intending to alter the silhouette by reducing the waist. The Corset used for this is an evolution of the corsets that our great-grandparents used, which has nothing to do with what today we call a corset, available in lingerie stores and sex-shops.

The Corsets are built from resistant fabrics, in several layers and reinforced in strategic areas, tied in the back, and with rigid bonning, usually made of steel.

It is a known fact since the Middle Ages that the constant pressure of the Corset on the waist and lower ribs for 16 to 24 hours daily bends gradually the floating ribs, and with time the alteration becomes definite. However, besides the fact that Tight Lacing demands discipline and willpower, it must be done slowly and with care so as not to cause injury. Since the reduction of the waist is a historically proved fact, it is also incontestable that the exaggerated use or little criterion can cause several problems of health. I recommend that the doubts on the problems resulted from an incorrect or exaggerated use be checked in this site.